Former Royal Liver Building (demolished) - Chapel Street

The images were taken in March of 2013.  At that time the building was unoccupied and possibly awaiting its fate as part of the redevelopment of Chapel Street.  The flaking paintwork announces prominently above what had been the entrance that it used to be "The Old Bank Theatre".  However, the elaborate grey plaque immediately above the door is a better guide to its original function.  A closer view shows that in the roundel at its centre is a Liver Bird.  This was once a branch of the "Royal Liver Friendly Society".

Behind the building is a green steel fence with razor wire across the top.  The fence encloses an area containing a small brick building.  This is an access point to the Cold War underground telephone exchange known as the Guardian Exchange.


The image below was taken in March of 2014.  The old building had been demolished but the green fence around the entrance to the old underground telephone exchange was still in place.