Mabel Tylecote Building
Macdonald Manchester Hotel
Macintosh Works - Dunlop
Maine Road Football Ground
Malmaison Hotel
Manchester Academy
Manchester Associated Mills
Manchester Business School East
Manchester Business School West
Manchester Cathedral
Manchester Children's Hospital
Manchester Coffee Tavern
Manchester Convention Centre
Manchester Crown Court
Manchester Grammar School
Manchester House
Manchester Jewish Museum
Manchester Lending Library (Former)
Manchester Magistrate's Court
Manchester Museum
Manchester Royal Infirmary
Manchester/Salford Docks
Manchester/Salford Savings Bank
Manchester School of Art
Manchester Science Park
Manchester Tennis Club
Manchester Union Workhouse
Mansfield Chambers
Mansfield Cooper Building
Market Place
Marks and Spencer plc (Company)
Market Street Picture House
Marlsbro House Hotel
Marsland Mill
Martin Harris Centre
Masonic Hall
Massey Chambers
Materials Science Centre
Maths & Social Science Building
Maths Tower
Mayfield Station
McDougall Centre
Mechanic's Institute
Media City
Media City Footbridge
Memorial Hall
MEN Offices
Merchant's Bridge
Merchant's Warehouse
Mercury Building
Messenger of Peace - statue
Metropolitan - Vickers Old Trafford
Methodist Central Hall
Metrolink Tunnel
Michael Smith Building
Middle Warehouse
Midi School Salford
Midland Hotel
Millennium Bridge
Milliner's Wharf
Milne Building
Minshull Street Courts
Mitre Hotel
MM2 Appartmenti Urbani

MMU - Business School
MMU - Geoffrey Manton Building
MMU - Students' Union
MMU Elizabeth Gaskell Campus.
MMU's Business School
Moberly Tower & Refectory
Moberly Tower Demolition
Mode Wheel Locks
Model Lodging House
Moffat Building - Vision Centre
Monroes Hotel
Monsoon - Goodall's Building
Moravian Settlement
Morley, Schunck & Schorlemmer Labs
Morton Laboratory
Mosley Hotel
Mosley Street Building
Mother Mac's
Moulders Arms
Mr. Thomas' Chop House
Murray's Mills
Mynshulls & Britannia Building