St Matthew's - Campsfield

St. Matthew's, Campsfield, was designed by Sir Charles Barry the architect responsible for the Mosley Street Art Gallery and the Athenaeum Club, in Manchester, and the Palace of Westminister in London.  It was built in 1822 and stood in what today is known as Castlefield between the present Upper and Lower Campsfield Market buildings.  The church actually pre-dated both of the market buildings.  In the 1844 OS map, an extract of which is shown below, you can see that in those days it was adjacent to a Hay Market.

You can see the church in the aerial photographs below taken in the 1940s and shown with the permission of English Heritage.


1.  LNER Goods Station
2.  Free Library
3.  Upper Campsfield Market
4.  St. Matthews
5.  Lower Campsfield Market
6.  Railway bridge - now demolished
7.  The site of the Beetham Tower

St. Matthew's was demolished in 1951 and nothing marks the fact that it was ever there except for the St. Matthew's Sunday School building a little further down Liverpool Road. 

A non-descript office building occupies the site of St. Matthew's today.