Piccadilly Gardens "Pavilion"

I discovered this image of Piccadilly Gardens and I was intrigued by the building.  I have failed to find any information about this building in the references I have consulted.  It occupied the Parker Street side of the park. 

I have been able to discover its origin.  The gardens were created after the Royal Infirmary and Mental Asylum, that occupied the site, were demolished in 1908.  This building is a remnant of the former Manchester Royal Infirmary.  The old hospital had a grand entrance facing Piccadilly and two wings that ran back from it.  This building sat between the wings at the Parker Street end, as indicate by the arrow on the image below.

If you click on the link below you will see a model of the old infirmary. It is the small building, in the bottom right-hand corner, with a dome on top.

Infirmary model

Further evidence of its origin can be seen by clicking on the link below.  It will take you to a photograph of the building sitting on a desolate site after the hospital was demolished and before the garden was created.  The photograph is dated 1910.
Infirmary demolition site

If you click on the link below you can see it again after the garden has been created.  That photograph is dated 1922.
Piccadilly Gardens 1922

Below is an image in which you can just see the building, or a fragment of it, in the bottom right hand corner.

Here is a closer view.  You can see the "adrift" statue by John Cassidy in the centre of the gardens.

So, that explains how the building came to be in Piccadilly Gardens, but why was it saved when all the other buildings were demolished and how was it used?  That remains a mystery. 

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