Jackson's Row Fire Station

From 1866 the Headquarters of Manchester's Fire Brigade was located between Jackson’s Row and Bootle Street.  Its location is indicated by the red arrow in the image above.  It can also be seen below in my version of a map dated 1886.  At that time the present Southmill Street was called South Street.

The building of the Jackson's Row Fire Brigade Station was necessary because the previous site at Clarence Street was needed for the new Town Hall.   The map below, dated 1845 shows the Fire Engine House located in the "Town's Yard" within the recognizably triangular site occupied today by the Town Hall.

Jackson’s Row served as HQ until 1906 when the new Headquarters building on London Road opened, see below. 


Following the closure of the Jackson's Row Fire Station it was demolished along with the warehouse building on Southmill Street.  In 1934 the foundation stone for a new police headquarters was laid on the Southmill end of the site.  The photograph below shows the completed police headquarters, the white building at the bottom of the image.

Below is the view today on Southmill Street.