The Doll's Hospital, Piccadilly

The Doll's Hospital occupied a presence within the Imperial Hotel building on Piccadilly for many years.  When the image above was taken the Imperial had no neighbour to its right but originally it was part of a block of buildings between Gore Street and Auburn Street.  The block included various shops on Gore Street and Piccadilly, various warehouses and the Temple Hotel (see below). 

The aerial photograph below from the 1940s shows the block still intact following WWII.  The red arrow indicates the location of the Doll's Hospital.  Over the years many of these buildings were demolished and the Imperial itself has been replaced by the Malmaison Hotel, which has incorporated the Hoyle's Warehouse into a new building that occupies all of the block.

Below you can see the site of the Imperial Hotel and the Doll's Hospital in 2012.