All Souls, Every Street, Ancoats

All Souls Church sits on the corner of Every Street and Harding Street in Ancoats.  The church was designed by the architect William Hayley and completed in 1840.  Pevsner describes it as "ideosyncratic Romanesque" is style.  Elsewhere I have seen it described as "neo-Norman" perhaps reflected in the round-topped doors and windows and the dogtooth carving above the doors.

The church became redunadant and closed in 1981.  In the years that follows it had a number of uses including as a carpenter's workshop.

It appears that in recent times All Souls has been repaired and restored prior to reopening as the Manchester Miracle Centre.  Their web site announces a "Grand Opening" but doesn't specify a date.  When I took the photographs above, in July of 2010, there was evidence of building work but not of an imminent re-opening.

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