Dunarden, Archer Park, Middleton

Dunarden was built in 1898 in the Archer Park area of Middleton, not far from the town centre. John Archer feels that Dunarden demonstrates the influence on Wood of the Arts and Crafts movement. He sees in the design some influences of Wood's contemporary Charles Francis Annesley Voysey (1857-1941), in particular the sloping butresses. He says that the house is "..well planned and is made very attractive by the garden layout. This is the first known instance when it appears that Wood had an opportunity of designing house and garden together."

Philip Ashworth and his wife, outside their house Dunarden, with the founder of the Salvation Army, General Booth stood in the car. circa 1902

Philip Ashworth's initials appear on one of the foundation stones of the Long Street Church, another of Wood's creations.

Jane Barton, a former resident of Archer Park, said of Dunarden, "Some 15 or so years ago the very wonderful Dunarden was demolished and replaced with 8 soulless double garages with four-bedroomed rabbit-hutch type dwellings attached. I have never seen a photograph of Dunarden in its prime and have only my childhood memories of the 'haunted house' at the end of the street."