Dronsfield Brothers Office Building - Oldham


John H. G. Archer says of Seller's Dronsfield Brother's Office Building:

"It is a well -proportioned, symmetrical design and is constructed with a flat roof. There is nothing ostentatious about the building, no heavy detailing or superfluous decoration. Its impressiveness is derived solely from its simplicity, proportion and almost Greek restraint. It is faced in a smooth, mottled grey granite and dark green glazed facing brick. It is one of the few buildings in Oldham whose surfaces have withstood the soot and smoke of the corrosive atmosphere. and it is still clean-looking and attractive. Sellers loved working in different planes and made great play with depth in his designs. Which at times remind one of Lloyd Wright's work. In this design the corners of the building are modelled to throw a shadow which emphasise the silhouette. The depth of the reveals at the doors and windows gives an effect of stability and the deep recess over the doors divides the elevation and accents the main entrance. The cast iron railings along the front of the building are sensitively designed and fortunately survived the war."