The Floral Clock
The Floral Clock
Photograph generously donated by Tom Fish

The centenary of the founding of Belle Vue was marked by a major construction project known as the Centenary Gardens. Once completed, the gardens provided a grand entrance to Belle Vue from the Hyde Road Entrance. A major feature of the garden was the two sided floral clock (shown above, courtesy of Tom Fish). When first built, the clock was surmounted by a statue of Buddha. Over the years changes were made to the clock including the removal of the Buddha, as you can see above. The Centenial Garden project, which cost, 50,000 also included the gibbon cage that you can see behind the clock and a monkey mountain , the rock-like structure beyond the gibbon cage.

In 1953, as part of the Coronation celebrations the clock was repaired and a special display was added to it. In 1957, the whole clock was also moved, along with the gibbon cage, to accommodate the water chute ride. They both found a new home between the Elizabethan Ballroom and the Elephant House.

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