The architect Jean Nouvel is credited with saying that, "Each new situation requires a new architecture" and on this site you will see a wide variety of buildings that reflect the times in which they were built. 

I am using the term "Modern Architecture" in the sense that, when these buildings were designed, they were modern, perhaps even radical.  This website offers you a collection of buildings built between 1900 and the present day.  They are listed by, decade, alphabetical order, city, architecture and type.  I offer them as examples of "their time" and leave it to you decide whether or not you like them.

This will never be a definitive collection nor does it claim to have filtered out the best buildings.  So choose an era and then click on the thumbnail images to see each building in more detail.  I have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information presented but will be grateful for any input from others to correct errors or omissions.

Unless otherwise indicated, all of the images on this site are Copyright David Boardman and may not be
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