Zara Store, London

Elsa Urquijo
Date Built
Oxford Street
This rather spectacular shop building on Oxford Street, near Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, is the new home of Zara.  The wave form glass façade was described in "retail-week" as resembling, "...a steep-sided glazed ziggurat"  adding that, "...It also has the ability to let in large amounts of natural daylight, as well as being a highly effective vehicle for the many mannequins that are posed at ground level along the length of its two-sided external perimeter.  Inside the view is as hi-tech and minimalist as the promise of the exterior leads shoppers to expect."

Naria Veiga of the architectural team is quoted as saying that, "...The site (inside) was totally empty with just the bare concrete pillars. It’s really a brutalist piece of architecture.”

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