San Pietro Funicular Railway, Verona, Italy

Date Built
Via Fontanelle Santo Stefano 637129 Verona
The website for the Funicolare di Castel San Pietro outlines its history.  "... was designed in 1939 as a means of transport for the students of the Fine Arts Academy. B. Cignaroli, that was located at Castel San Pietro, and remained in operation from 1941-1944, but then ceased operating because of the war.  The destination stop and tracks remained abandoned for decades. while the starting station eventually became the Theatre/Workshop, opening there from 1975.  In 2011 the experimental theatre was moved elsewhere to make room for refurbishment of the Funicular, which reopened in June of 2017."

The railway is 159 metres in length and climbs at an angle of 37%.  The vehicle has a rated capacity of 25 although that might be rather snug.