The Thief, Oslo, Norway

Petter Stordalen
Date Built
Landgangen 1, Tjuvholmen
The Thief is a 119 room luxury hotel on the waterfront in Oslo's Tjuvholmen district.  The hotel's website says of it that, ".... Tjuvholmen (Thief Islet) used to be a haven for smugglers, thieves and scoundrels. Today it is home to THE THIEF, a modern hideaway – right in the middle of downtown Oslo. If anything gets stolen there nowadays, it’s usually us stealing our guests away from their everyday lives.  THE THIEF has filled this retreat with top international art pieces, carefully selected designer furniture, global Nordic cuisine, top quality spa and cosmopolitan bars. ‘Escapees’ are able to enjoy refreshing dips in the sea at the Tjuvholmen beach or stroll off the islet across the footbridge to the bustling Aker Brygge restaurant and business area. Most of our guests come here to get away from it all, and for the relaxing atmosphere of THE THIEF.  A sanctuary has never felt so comfortable and secluded yet connected."