Ten Four Pentonville Road, London

Stiff + Trevellion
Date Built
Pentonville Road, Islington
Ten Four Pentonville Road is not an entirely new building.  It is in fact a rejuvenation of two existing buildings that have, as the developers put it been, “revitalised and redeveloped with a new brick façade,”  so that it, “....now stands  proudly alongside its listed and Georgian neighbours on one of London’s premier thoroughfares...”

The architects, Stiff and Trevellion, retained and connected, “...the existing structural frames of two buildings, to provide six storeys and 55,000 sq ft (net) of fully-modernised open plan office accommodation.”  What attracts the eye as you walk past are the unusual bricks used on the façade.  This effect was created by using bricks from the Petersen brickworks in Denmark. Their bricks, “... are made by pressing a wet lump of clay into a wet mould which is immediately lifted, leaving the perfect brick behind as the water acts as a release agent.  A few days of air-drying follows, after which the bricks are charcoal-fired in the kiln. The result is a collection of uniform, yet non-uniform, bricks, each displaying unique colour variations.”

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