Maison symphonique de Montréal, Canada

Jack Diamond of Diamond & Schmitt Architects
Date Built
Completed 2011
Corner of de Maisonneuve Boulevard West and Saint Urbain Street
The Maison symphonique de Montreal is home to the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, I Musici de Montreal and Les Violons du Roy.  It has a seating capacity of 2,100 and a stage capable of accommodating 120 musicians and a 200 member choir. 

The hall’s website says that the building has a shoebox design distinguished by, “... its relatively narrow, high and long straight geometry with audience seating on multiple balcony levels and surrounding the performers. These geometric features have proven to deliver a superior acoustic environment and create an intimate relationship between performers and audience. ... All surfaces in the auditorium are clad in wood. Beech wood is the main material used in the design, serving both acoustic and visual purposes. ... The design for the OSM's organ is integral to the hall: the array of organ pipes is where architecture and making music meet. The organ was manufactured in Québec by Casavant Frères, who collaborated with architects Diamond-Schmitt and Ædifica on its visual design.”