Strata SE1 - London, UK

BFLS- Bogle, Flanagan, Lawrence and Silver
Date Built
Completed 2010
Walworth Road, Southwark
The 148-metre-high Strata Tower, in the Elephant and Castle district of London, is a 43 storey residential building accommodating 408 apartments.  The building sports a row of three wind turbines located at the apex of its sloping roof.  The architects say that, "The client's brief challenged the design team to develop a concept that embraces energy efficiency, targeting an EcoHomes assessment rating of 'excellent'. ...  Strata SE1 embraces sustainable design and the latest renewable energy technologies. The wind turbines are expected to produce 50 Mwh of electricity per annum, approximately 8% of the building's total energy consumption."

The building has a, "bespoke, high-performance unitised aluminium curtain wall system with an air permeability leakage rate that is 50% more efficient than required building regulations.."

The SE1 website posted an article in June of 2009 commemorating the building's "topping-out".  It described Strata SE1 as, "... an unmistakable landmark visible for miles around," adding that it is, "now SE1's tallest building – a title previously held by Guy's Tower (143 metres). Strata is likely to keep the title until the Shard at London Bridge is built."  The article quotes Justin Black of Brookfield Europe, the developers, as saying that, "I wholeheartedly believe that we're standing on London's next icon. Already a dynamic addition to the central London skyline, it's a striking and breathtaking building which I believe has the potential to be as much loved as London's other landmarks such as the Eye and the Gherkin."

However, on Thursday, August 12, 2010, the Guardian published an article by Robert Booth with the title, "London's Strata Tower wins Carbuncle Cup as Britain's new building".  On this occasion the building was described as, "Decked out with Philishave stylings, this is a building that appears to be auditioning for a supporting role in a James Bond title sequence," said Ellis Woodman of Building Design, the trade newspaper which organised the prize."

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