St. John's Building - Severn Trent Operation Centre - Coventry, England

Associated Architects
Date Built
St. John's Street
Severn Trent Water says of its new building that it represents, "an exciting new phase in the development of our company and its progress to deliver highest standards of service to its customers with the lowest charges."  More than three years in the planning, it represents, "... an investment of £60 million. ... When fully operational, the state-of-the-art offices will bring 1,700 people together under one roof. This will allow teams that have traditionally been dispersed across different Midlands locations to work much closer together – supported by very modern office technology that enables smarter, more flexible working."

The building was given an "Excellent" BREEAM rating and the company believes it to be, " ... one of the most energy efficient buildings in Europe."

The architect describes the building as, " ... two seven storey wings of accommodation arranged around a central atrium.  ...  adaptive cooling using the thermal mass of the structure to moderate temperatures without mechanical cooling: high levels of daylight are admitted to minimise artificial light.

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