The St. Botolph Building - 138 Houndsditch, London

Nicholas Grimshaw
Date Built
138 Houndsditch
The startlingly blue St. Botolph Building is a 14-storey office building offering 552,354 sq ft of rental space.  The name reflects its position adjacent to St Botolph Without Aldgate Church (on the right of the image below).

The colour of the building was chosen to reflect the blue at the centre of St Botolph's clock.

The website of the architect, Nicholas Grimshaw, says of their design that it, "creates a highly adaptable commercial building. The upper eleven floors house high specification offices, while the first and second levels provide more flexible office space with the potential to become dealing floors. The lower ground floors accommodate multi-functional space and retail outlets. The building contains 552,354 sq ft of rental space, making it a highly efficient and economical investment property for the developer."

Among the features that Grimshaw focuses on, in its website, is, "the state-of-the-art ThyssenKrupp TWIN lift system in the atrium void. This arrangement allows two independent lift cars to run in the same shaft simultaneously. An intelligent call system provides coordination of the elevator group and assigns passengers to the lift best suited to their destination."


More inside views.

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