Solid 11, Amsterdam, Holland

Tony Fretton Architects
Date Built
Constantijn Huygenstraat
This seven-storey 8000 sqm building is one of three similar structures arranged in sequence on Constantijn Huygenstraat in Amsterdam.  They are the result of a masterplan drawn up by  the late Belgian architect Jo Crepain.  Solid 11 was commissioned by the  Dutch housing association Stadgenoot and according to the Archdaily website is, "... an example of a “solid”, a new highly durable and sustainable typology devised by Stadgenoot which is presented to the market as a constructed shell, offering flexibility to the building’s tenants to decide on the size, configuration and use of space. ... Solid 11 has been designed to provide flexible space for a range of activities including apartments, workspaces, a hotel, shops, cafes and restaurants and public facilities such as a kindergarten."

"A key element of the design of the building is the central courtyard extending from Constantijn Huygenstraat, which will contain shops, cafes and public facilities overlooked by access balconies on the upper floors. Given the prominent position of the building next to the canal, it is intended that the courtyard will become a local public place and a neighbourhood in itself. The courtyard is protected from traffic noise on Constantijn Huygenstraat by a 6-storey high glass acoustic screen. Behind this screen glass bridges supported by abstract steel trees connect the pre-cast concrete access balconies on the opposite sides of the courtyard."

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