Scholtz & Friends - Hackescher Markt, Berlin

Thomas Muller & Ivan Reimann Architekten
Date Built
Hackescher Markt, Berlin
This building in Litfaß-Platz is home to Scholz and Friends who are regarded as experts in, "such diverse communication disciplines as advertising, public relations, digital marketing, design and CSR work for national and international clients."  The building was designed to foster the company's operating philosophy.  They regard themselves as an, "orchestra of ideas." ... "The building's work areas ... are arranged around the central stage: an atrium that connects all stories together ... to promote communication, the orientation of all spaces at the joint center to strengthen the awareness of all who play together in the 'orchestra of ideas.'"

Outside the building bears a striking resemblance to the Daily Express Buildings in London (below left), Manchester (below right) and Glasgow, built in the 1930s.

A news item on the Scholz & Friends website says that their new building is, "... home for around 400 employees – making it the largest communication agency in Berlin ... Our new building suits our new agency structure. All the disciplines work under one roof here."

A new advertising column, topped with a brass crown, has been erected outside the building.  It commemorates Ernst Litfaß, the Berlin native who, "put up the first column in Germany in 1855, allowing the posting of news and advertising. The new advertising column was designed by Scholz & Friends Identify."

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