Riverside Museum, Glasgow

Zaha Hadid
Date Built
2004 - 2011
100 Pointhouse Place, Glasgow, G3 8RS
The Riverside (Transportation) Museum occupies a site where the River Kelvin joins the River Clyde on redeveloped dockland.  The architect's website says that, "... the city to the river; symbolizing a dynamic relationship where the museum is the voice of both, connecting the city to the river and also the transition from one to the other. ....  The design is a sectional extrusion, open at opposing ends along a diverted linear path. This cross-sectional outline is a responsive gesture to encapsulate a wave or ‘pleats’. The outer ‘pleats’ are enclosed to accommodate support services and the ‘black box’ exhibits. This leaves the main central space column-free and open, offering greatest flexibility to exhibit the museum’s world-class collection.

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