Redmonds Building - Liverpool, UK

Date Built
Completed 2012
Clarence Street and Brownlow Hill
This new building, on the campus of John Moores University in Liverpool, is named after the broadcaster and creator of the TV series Brookside, Phil Redmond.  In 1989 Redmond was awarded the post of Honorary Professor of Media Studies at the university.  The project architect for the building, Helen O'Curry, also has ties to John Moores as a former student.

The building is home to the Liverpool Screen School, the Liverpool Business School and the School of Law.  The facilities are state of the art and designed to, "give students access to ‘real world’ environments where they can hone their professional skills before entering the job market for real."  To that end the building contains a high definition TV studio, a TV news studio, a radio studio and a ‘green room’, facilities  provided by Sony Europe Limited.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Nigel Weatherill is quoted on the building's website as saying that,  “The completion of the Redmonds Building is part of a decade of development and a £180million investment by the University to create facilities that can inspire our staff and students. This building is much more than just bricks and mortar. It’s an investment in our students’ future and has widespread benefits for Liverpool and the regional economy. ... We want to be known for our excellent teaching which puts employability and entrepreneurship at the heart of the student experience but we also want to drive and support the ongoing renewal and regeneration of Liverpool by providing world-class facilities and creating a highly skilled workforce.”

ADP describe the building as having, " ... around 11,500m2 of flexible, high quality space over six floors, the building includes three large lecture theatres, IT suites and a range of medium-sized teaching and seminar spaces. An integral part of the design has been to create a diversity of space for students, reflecting the World of Work Agenda and encouraging students to stay and work in the building: promoting confidence, interaction and knowledge transfer in the vibrant spirit of the Knowledge Quarter."

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