Prime Tower, Zurich, Switzerland

Gigon / Guyer
Date Built
Completed 2011
Hardstrasse 201, 8005 Zürich
The Prime Tower building stands out in the Zurich skyline.  At 126 metres, it is Switzerland’s tallest building. It is located in West Zurich, a former industrial area under transformation into one of the city's trendiest communities.  As the website puts it, "... Where ships were once built and engines bolted together, art, design, food, culture shopping and architecture are now the center of attention. Factories have moved away, leaving their vast expanses of space that creative minds have taken advantage of."  The design by Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer won a competition in 2004 and the building was completed in 2011.

The building's website says that, "...  Working in the Tower means leaving the ordinary routine behind. The octagon-shaped Prime Tower is the winning project of a high-class competition involving top-ranking architects."  The Steiner AG website says that, "... It makes clever use of perspectives and proportions: depending on your viewpoint, the tower resembles a slim silhouette or a broad torso. Another peculiarity: the high-rise seems to get broader towards the top, thanks to its overhanging elements. .... The Prime Tower boasts a restaurant with a Michelin star and a bar, both open to the public."  Judging by my photographs, taken from a number of different locations and at different times, the tower seems to vary in colour from blue to rather green.