Pavillon 21 - Mini Opera Space - Marstallplatz, Munich, Germany

Date Built
2008 - 2010
Pavillion 21 was built to as a temporary perormance space for use during the 2010 Munich Opera Festival.  It was described as "dismountable, transportable and re-mountable whilst retaining a distinctive, unusual form."  The seating capacity is 300 but it was possible to accommodate 700 people standing. 

The architects, Coop Himmelblau say that the shape was formed, "via 'soundscaping'."  They go on to explain that, "
As a starting point towards the abstraction of music into spatial form, a sequence from the song ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix and a passage from ‘Don Giovanni’ by Mozart were transcribed. Through the analysis of frequency, sections from these pieces of music and through the combination with the computer generated 3D model, the sequences are translated into pyramidal ‘spike constructions’ by means of parametric ‘scripting’.”

Although Pavillion 21 was intended to be a temporary structure it was still in place in June of 2011 when I took these photographs.