Paracelsus Bad & Kurhaus, Salzburg, Austria

Berger + Parkkinen Architekten, Wien
Date Built
Completion 2019
Auerspergetstrasse & Schwarzstrasse
Located next door to the garden of SchloƟ Mirabell, Paracelsus Bad and Kurhaus is the creation of Berger + Parkkinen Architekten.  On the architect's website they say that it is,  ".... A NEW BATH FOR THE CITY - The Bad & Kurhaus is designed as a 3-dimensional walk-in landscape. The main elements of the house form a clear vertical stacking. The introverted pedestal includes the spa and cloakrooms of the bath. Above is the open panoramic bathing area, covered by the complex of restaurants and the sauna area. The entire roof level is used for the sauna complex with spectacular outdoor pool and uninterrupted views over the city."

"The swimming pool looks as if the building on the third floor was cut through and would continue as a free space.  The materialization of the water world is made by ceramic surfaces, water and light, limited upwards by the gentle forms of the ceramic wave ceiling. The moving ceiling landscape with different room heights underscores the variety of spatial and atmospheric situations."