Tirol Panorama with the Kaiserjägermuseum, Innsbruck, Austria

Stoll Wagner
Date Built
Completion 2011
Located adjacent to the Bergisel ski-jump, the Tirol Panorama building occupies a terrace that overlooks Innsbruck.  It is connected to the nearby Kaiserjäger Museum by way of a tunnel.  An article by Marco Rinaldi on the "" website says that the building, "... blends respectfully in with its historical counterparts. Simultaneously, a spacious forecourt has been created between old and new buildings with an uninterrupted view across the Inn Valley. ... A key element in the design for the exterior appearance of the new building housing the exhibition was therefore the creation of a low-key, low-rise structure in the park-like natural setting on the access side of the Bergisel, while at the same time providing a strong sculptural impact to the east, where it overlooks the bridges of the adjacent main traffic routes on the Inn Valley-Brenner axis. .....  the new restaurant with a clear view out over the city sits alongside a projecting canopy."

"From the entrance lobby with cashiers and museum shop, the open-plan, multi-storey access hall, a central hub, leads down into the mountain. ... The entrance floor, a flat stand-alone building, occupies the eastern slope that faces the Sill Gorge and it projects some way over it. The predominant part of the cylinder for the panoramic picture was sunk into a hollow facing the gorge – the new rotunda, a striking base for the building, reflects its content."