Paleis van Justitie, Amsterdam, Holland

Claus en Kaan Architecten
Date Built

According to the e-architect website, the architects of this building say that it was, "... Designed in accordance with the requirements of the WesterIJdock zoning plan, the complex is envisioned as being abstract and light, yet also strong and timeless. ... Its outer walls will have a light, abstract and timeless quality. Five different top-grade materials will be applied in horizontal bands at different heights, each varying in texture but all of them coloured white or light grey: natural stone, ceramic elements, whitewashed concrete, glazed brick and powder-coated steel plate. The vast glass openings will be on the same plane as the outer walls and offer views of the IJ and the city....

..... In three places, the outer walls will be opened up to create outdoor spaces. The largest of these – the monastery garden – will be accessible from the staff restaurant and meeting rooms, and will have a large window offering a view of the marina. All of the outdoor areas will be surrounded by green outer walls, covered with growing plants."

The building complex is home to the Magistrates Court and the Public Prosecutor.  Each function is accommodated in separate volumes connected with one another by the walkway on the fifth floor.

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