One Reading Central, UK

Architect TP Bennett
Date Built
Completed 2010
Vastern Road, Reading
One Reading Central is phase one of a project that will involve the addition of two more buildings in Reading's business district.  The architect's website says that it features, "... 11-storeys above ground level ... The striking building is simple and clean without being dominating.  A double-storey glass facace with opaque glass spandrel panels addresses the three public sides of the building behind expressed columns.  The feature corner bay has a technologically advanced fully glazed cladding solution with the south west facade incorporating horizontal sun-shading.  ...  The main body of the building is clad with white clay tiles which compliments the surrounding stone and brick buildings facing the gardens."

The side facing the railway, has a 38 metre high piece of art printed on to glass.  The "" website explains that, "... In order to get the impressive piece of art onto the glass panes, the motif by the London glass designer Graham Jones was first digitised and then transferred onto the glass surface by Interpane at their Hildesheim facility using ceramic digital printing."

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