One Pear Place, Waterloo, London

Kyson Place
Date Built
2014 - 2017
152-158 Waterloo Road & 2-10 Baylis Road
This mixed-use development on the corner of Waterloo Road and Baylis Road incorporates residential, office and retail spaces.   The architect says that, "... To Baylis Road the building is conceived as two elements on a faceted building line relating to the scale and rhythm of the parade whilst Waterloo Road sees the building take on a larger singular form that responds to the scale and form of The Old Vic Theatre (opposite) and the Fire Station (adjacent). "

The website adds that, "The building structure comprises a reinforced concrete frame and floor slabs with piled foundations. Minor elements such as window supports are galvanised steel, and party walls & separating walls are laid in block-work. The floor structure is formed of 300mm reinforced concrete. .... The building is externally finished in a natural limestone cladding to Waterloo Road, Pear Place and part of Baylis Road. The three western-most bays of Baylis Road are a red handmade Danish brick with white mortar.