Kvarnholmen Bridge, Nacka, Sweden

The German company Bilfinger Berger is the contractor performing the work.
Date Built
Completion 2015
Svindersviken Inlet
The Kvarnholmen Bridge and associated tunnel were under construction when I took these images in June of 2015.  The bridge will significantly shorten the journey time between central Nacka and the growing district of  Kvarnholmen.  The ground was broken on the site in the Spring of 2013 and it was estimated that it would be open to traffic by the end of 2015.  If you follow the link below, you can see details of the bridge's construction and installation.

The bridge is also known as the Svindersviksbron after the body of water it crosses.

The project consists of a tunnel under Ryssberget, a bridge over Svindersviken and a connection to the existing network on Järla height. A pedestrian and bicycle path will also be added between the bridge and Vikdalsvägen.