Kronstadt Psychiatric Hospital, Bergen, Norway

Origo Arkitektgruppe
Date Built
Fjøsangerveien 36, Bergen
The building's architect says of it that, "The design of the hospital has a strong emphasis on ‘openness and transparency’ towards the public whilst at the same time forming a protective shelter for the patients. The addition of public spaces, nature and new visual qualities to a challenging city environment has been central in the process.The facility includes an in-patient's department on the upper floors, and day care and policlinics on lower floors.  The Archdaily website adds that, "A large emphasis has been put into the creation of a new public square north of the building. The square offers a valuable place for citizens to sit, play and contemplate in an area normally dominated by cars and traffic. The public square stretches under the building’s lower floors displaying green facades with large window sections. Sight lines through the building are emphasized, and the transparency prompts the idea of greater openness about mental health issues in today’s society."

Continuing this theme of opening the facility to the public, the website published a story on April 28th 2014 with the headline, "A local psychiatric hospital opens its roof gardens and courtyards to include the general public."  The article points out that, " The seven-storey building flanks an open public square, which stretches from the local tram stop through the green wall facade into the transparent ground floor of the centre, where there is a café and a shop. The white façade above is more closed and shelters the protective parts of the building, which are organised around three large atria. The most sensitive areas of the centre are located at the top with their own rooftop gardens and outdoor spaces.  The importance of the landscaping increased as the project progressed. There are a total of nine roof gardens, located on different floors, to provide relief in the dense urban setting, away from the heavy traffic. The gardens also provide storm water retention. One of the first ever vertical green walls has been constructed by the main entrance, a challenge in a cold climate."

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