King's Mews Apartments, London

A+D Studio
Date Built
King’s Mews, London, WC1N 2JF
The e-architect website explains that this apartment building, on the corner of Northington Street and King's Mews, is built on the site of a small building comprising a flat above a garage.  It suggests that the building was in a poor state of repair but there was a suggestion that it had once been home to Diana Dors.

The architects say that despite the state of the old building the council initially refused planning permission claiming that it, "... contributed positively to the character of the conservation area and was a rare remnant of the original form and character of these mews ..."

They say of the new building that, "... In conjunction with our client we have designed a high quality residential development of six apartments from small studios to a superb luxury air conditioned apartment with extensive roof terraces creating valuable amenity space. It creates a simple but striking building of four storeys on Northington Street and three storeys on King’s Mews, which reflects the typical building height on these two streets."

"The elevations immediately adjacent to the neighbouring buildings are in matching London Stock brickwork which is prevalent in this area whilst the corner of the development has a clean white rendered finish which reflects the appearance of the buildings on the other three corners surrounding the site."