G. E. Fogg Building, London

Fraser Brown MacKenna
Date Built
Refurbished 2012
Queen Mary's University, Mile End Campus
The G. E. Fogg Building is home to Queen Mary University's School of Biological and Chemical Sciences.  Although I have included it in the 2010 decade of the website, it was in fact built in the 1970s.  The building is named after Gordon Elliot Fogg, an eminent British biologist who was educated at Queen Mary College.

The modern appearance is the result of a complete recladding and internal improvements.  Mott McDonald worked in conjunction with the architects as façade and building services engineers.  They explain that, "... The seven-storey 1970s structure had not worn the years well. Its leaky façade made the building uneconomic to heat in winter. Extreme solar glare meant staff were erecting makeshift blinds to provide shade. The reinforced concrete frame was corroded. Windows were leaking. We set out to reduce the university’s operating costs and improve occupant comfort in a practical, sustainable and economical way. By overcladding the existing structure with a striking new skin, we protected the structure from further corrosion, improved thermal and energy performance, included renewable energy generation and reduced maintenance costs."

The complex geometry of the old building posed challenges but perhaps the greatest challenge was the fact that all the work had to be done during term time while the building was occupied.