31-32 Dolben Street, London

Peter Tagiuri - Associate of Ideas (AOI)
Date Built
Dolben Street & Bear Lane
The Rhode Island School of Design website has an interesting article about this building on Dolben Stret in Southwark and its architect Peter Tagiuri.  It describes it as, "... A curved, shimmering block of apartments in a struggling London neighborhood."  (I'm not sure that Southwark would describe itself as struggling.)

The building, that sits on the corner of Dolben Street and Bear Lane,  won top honours at the 2011 Brick Awards in the "Best Housing Development ,1-5 units" category.  "The six-story building, which features a copper-glazed brick shell and sustainable solar technologies, stood out among the small-scale housing projects in the competition. “In a category which has traditionally been won by a single family house, this tightly planned block of apartments – just one per floor – intrigued the jury by the way it maximized the potential of its constricted urban site,” jurors noted in awarding the prize. “It also challenged convention by introducing an unexpected shimmering surface of green glazed brick on its two street elevations.”