London Olympics Basketball Arena - Stratford, London, UK

Wilkinson Eyre
Date Built
2012 Olympics Site in Stratford
The commission for a basketball arena at the 2012 Olympic site called for a temporary building that the architects say needed to be, "simple to erect and sustainable in terms of its legacy once the Games are over, but which will provide a world-class sporting venue for some of the most popular Olympic events."  What Wilkinson Eyre came up with was a design that makes it possible for, "two-thirds of the materials and elements within the building (to) be reused or recycled after the Games."  The building will accommodate, " ... the basketball competition, the handball finals, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby and will be a holding area for athletes during the opening and closing ceremonies."

The arena provides 12,000 seats that are black and orange in colour, meant to represent the colours normally found in a basketball.  It stands 35 metres high and is longer than a football pitch at 115 metres long. 

The structure is wrapped in recyclable white PVC membrane stretched over a steel frame.  Hidden beneath the membrane is a lighting system that will create what the Olympic organizers describe as, " ... an artistic and innovative lighting design."

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