Bartlett House, Gordon Street, London

Date Built
22 Gordon Street
This building on the corner of Gordon Street and Ensleigh Gardens appears to be a new build and in part it is.  It used to be Wates House, part of University College London, but it was regarded as a tired and uninspiring building.  The architect commissioned to give the building new life says that the university came to the conclusion that, ".... The School, however, has become a victim of its own success, and coupled with the poor condition of the building, is now in chronic need of additional and improved space specifically adapted to its unique pedagogy.  Key drivers are the creation of a building that reflects the quality of the school’s teaching and research, whilst also making a positive contribution to the surrounding conservation area."  So the building was stripped back to its concrete frame before work began on a total refurbishment.

"Our design will double the amount of teaching and research space available to the school’s students and staff, while retaining the building’s existing structure.  The entire building has been reconfigured to include significantly more studios and breakout space, encouraging collaboration across the school. Central to the design philosophy is opening up the façade of the building to reveal the activity within. This has been achieved by placing formal and informal exhibition spaces at ground floor level, inserting a new staircase to open up the building’s circulation, re-orientating the entrance and expressing key spaces to give strategic views of London.  The design also includes an extension to provide enhanced foyer and café space, exhibition space, state of the art workshop facilities and full internal remodelling to provide a variety of teaching and research spaces including seminar rooms, studios, computer clusters and academic and administrative offices."