ASFiNAG, Innsbruck, Austria

Peter Lorenz Ateliers
Date Built
Rennweg & Karl-Kapferer-Strasse
This office building on Rennweg in Innsbruck is home to ASFiNAG, a company responsible for planning, building and maintaining Austria's motorway and expressway system. 

The building features an interactive brise-soleil system of louvers that can be opened or closed to reflect the sometimes competing needs for privacy and daylight. 

GKD, the company that made the "Omega Divergence sunshading exterior " say that it, "... allows for the reduction of direct sunlight to the interior by 50%."  They add that, "... Several technology advancements were featured with the building’s design to reduce its ecological footprint, including a geothermic heating and cooling systems eliminates the need for fossil fuel energy consumption by utilizing a pumping system of groundwater instead. "