Altitude, Aldgate,  London

Date Built
61-75 Alie Street
This apartment tower, on Alie Street, provides 287 flats spread over 25 above ground floors.  Skyscraper News describes it as featuring, "... an irregular rounded corner plan form which creates a striking new profile when viewed from below. ... The external appearance of the building results from a subtly alternating pattern of light solid metal panels and deep set darker vertical windows; with the floor edges expressed as continuous bright stainless steel channels. ... 

...The fully glazed corners are suspended from vierendeels at 7 storey intervals, thereby expressing the open aspect of the living spaces within and enhancing the slenderness of the building externally. The top of the tower is crowned by an aerodynamic 'flying' wing profile which moderates the roof terrace wind environment, and etches a new signature onto the city skyline."