KLP Office, Oslo, Norway

Solheim + Jacobsen arkitekter
Date Built
Completed 2010
Trelastgata 3
This multi-use building occupying the second slot in Oslo's Barcode development, is home to approximately 1000 employees of the insurance company KLP, as well as the residents of 53 apartments, an art gallery and restaurants.  The Barcode is a collection of slender buildings arranged like the stripes in a barcode close to the shores Oslo Fjord.

The KLP building diverts from the slim prophile of its neighbours because it actually occupies 3 bars, consisting of two solid volumes separated by a glazed void. The two volumes have different shapes, materials and colours.

The architects explain that, "... In the core of the building the void opens up to a glass-covered six stories tall atrium which provides excellent daylight conditions to the inner office areas. The atrium creates a central opening encouraging informal meetings and communication between employees, in addition to making a reference of orientation for all the office floors. The configuration of two towers placed diagonally northwest/southeast provides a free sight to the fjord for the urban areas behind the building. The residential apartments are situated in the upper 10 floors at the southwest tower. The tower facing northwest with its cantilevered construction comprise the office areas. The west volume appears as a white stone carved into a block. This solid and sculptural language contradicts the neighbouring glass box building."