Birmingham Ormiston Academy, London

Nicholas Hare
Date Built
Opened in September of 2012
1 Grosvenor Street
The Birmingham Ormiston Academy educates students from 14 to 19 years of age.  It is sponsored by the Ormiston Trust and Birmingham City University and specialises in creative, digital and performance arts.   The academy moved into this building in 2012.   The architects say that it, "... offers superb facilities and robust flexible infrastructure for academic, vocational and extra-curricular activities, including a theatre, TV studio, radio suite, editing facilities and a recording studio sponsored by the BRIT Trust. In addition to four dance and six rehearsal spaces, there are also general academic teaching spaces. The Academy provides a centre of excellence for training students for the creative industry.  A vibrant atrium foyer space at the heart of the building serves the key performance spaces. The theatre will be used throughout the year for public performances. .....

.... An external performance space is complemented by a 13 x 5m screen on the theatre fa├žade that advertises and celebrates the digital media specialism and inner workings of the Academy to the outside world."