20 Triton Street - London

Terry Farrell & Woods Bagot
Date Built
Regent's Place
20 Triton is home to the Australian infrastructure and property company Lend Lease and the global energy company Gasprom.  When Lend Lease decided to take up residence in the building, it commissioned a complete refit of their part of the building by Woods Bagot.  20 Triton Street was already classified as  BREEAM excellent and then the redfit achieved the same standard.  Today, Lend Lease's European and Middle East HQ is regarded as a showcase for occupation health, productivity and employee engagement.

On entering the building you are presented with a multi-storey atrium containing the panoramic elevators that serve the various floors.

One wall is home to Gary Webb's "Approach Split" which features plain, green, blue and gold rectangles of mirror fixed at varying angles.  The Regent's Place guide to its art work says that this piece, " ... not only creates a beautiful unregulated effect, particularly as they reflect the colour of the leather seating, but it comes to life when people move through the space and when the wall climbing lifts opposite are in motion."

The rest of the office is seen as a showplace of good practice in the welfare of both the employees and the environment.  It also shows potential customers the quality of the work that Lend Lease is capable of when creating a workplace.  Their headquarters features a wide variety of settings for employees to work, meet and relax. 

Throughout there are wooden floors, created using recycled planks from 100 year-old French railway carriages (see above).  An important part of the effort to provide the best possible air quality within the building can be seen in the placement of 3,800 plants which are most noticeable in the working areas. 

Air quality has also been a big consideration in the choice of fabrics used in furniture and carpets.

Outside there is a green roof, a terrace with various plantings and an insect hotel, believed to be the largest provided by a commercial building in London.


20 Triton Street is also home to the New Diorama Theatre

The building is one element of the masterplan that Terry Farrell designed for Regent's Place.  Within the confines of the development there are a number of pieces of artwork including:

1.  The Carmody Groake Pavillion (see below).  The creators describe the structure as, " ...  created by a field of steel rods supporting a thin plate canopy eight metres above the streetscape. Pathways are defined within the pavilion by removing clusters of the rod structure, creating a generous seating area. These pathways reveal various densities of vertical rods that shimmer in sunlight by day and reflect intense projected light by night, generating a visual moirĂ© effect for passers by. At night the visual transparency of the structure is reinforced by up-lighting the clusters of rods - the pavilion literally appears to "hold" light within its structure."


2.  A light installation called "Ruth Walking in Jeans" created by Julian Opie.  Seen below beyond 20 Triton Street's green roof.

3.  Anthony Gormley's "Reflection".

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