1 Forbury Place, Reading, UK

Aukett Swanke
Date Built
Completion 2015
Forbury Place
1 Forbury Place is one element in a development close to Reading Station that involves 3 large office buildings.  3 Forbury Place was completed in 2010 and was originally known as "One Reading".  2 Forbury Place is under construction in 2015 on the site of the former Energis House. 

The developers explain that, "... 1 Forbury Place will offer 185,940 sq.ft comprising ground and 7 upper floors, and basement car park. It forms Phase 1 at the eastern end of the site and will include development of the whole of the basement car park, establishment of the primary estate, landscaping along Forbury Road and demolition of Energis House."

The architects say that the building has, "... deeper floorplates at lower levels, and a shallower floorplate configuration at upper levels with roof gardens overlooking Forbury Gardens and views beyond over the Thames Valley, the Cotswolds and countryside to the south. The sculpted form and massing of the buildings responds to the historic urban context of Forbury Gardens and the east and west fa├žades are protected from solar gain by vertical blades, which twist to create a sense of movement as one passes the building."

During the construction phase.