One Blackfriars London

Date Built
1 Blackfriars Road
The architects describe 1 Blackfriars as a mixed-use scheme that features a residential tower, residents' leisure facilities, a hotel, restaurants, and shops across two smaller buildings, all centred around a new public plaza.  They add that, "...  The residential tower rises to 50 storeys and 170 metres, making it one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe. Its shimmering facade is already transforming London's skyline. Each of its 274 homes has sweeping views of London designed to maximise reflection and light. Floor-to-ceiling windows bring daylight in and create a sense of openness and connection with the outside.  The tower’s distinctive form is emphasized by its double skin façade. The curved outer skin gives it a smooth and dynamic appearance, and is made up of 5,476 glass panels, most of which were bent into shape as they were installed. The inner façade’s coloured panels, varying from earthy colours at bottom levels to silvery shades at the top, help animate the building. Connecting the two façades are winter gardens, accessible enclosed balconies, which provide residents with extended living areas."

"There are two more buildings on site: one houses shops, restaurants and resident leisure facilities, including swimming pool, spa, gym and cinema, while the other is the 161-bedroom Bankside Hotel. All three buildings encircle a public plaza at ground level allowing everyone to experience this special and vibrant place."

Images from the construction phase