Zeeman Building, University of Warwick, UK

R H Partnership
Date Built
University of Warwick
Sir Erik Christopher Zeeman is an eminent mathematician who, in 1964, founded the Mathematics Department and Mathematics Research Centre at the University of Warwick. He was only 38 at the time but he is reported to have said that he, " ... had developed some fairly strong ideas on how to run a department and create a Mathematics Institute: I wanted to combine the flexibility of options that are common in most American universities, with the kind of tutorial care to be found in Oxford and Cambridge."   Today, this beautiful new building on the Warwick Campus bears his name.  The university website says that, "The main part of the building was opened in 2004, and a substantial extension was added in 2008. Its facilities include superb lecture rooms and student work areas, and well-equipped computer labs."  A glass bridge links the Zeeman Building with the adjacent Computer Science Building.

The architects say that the brief for the design was developed through a series of meetings and that "connectivity and potential chance encounters were key to the user's aspirations. .... To achieve this the design arranges the academic offices around a courtyard plan which allows for informal discussion areas, connected by open stairs, with views out to the courtyard."