World Trade Centre, Malmo, Sweden

Krook & Tjader
Date Built
Kockums Square in West Harbour
The Malmo World Trade Centre website explains that, " World Trade Center was born out of the vision of the business exchange to promote international trade. ... this took the form of networks of export driven companies and organizations in different parts of world. (Over time this resulted in the creation of) quality venues where the World Trade Center took shape in major cities in the U.S., Asia and Europe.  Since its inception in 1970, more than 300 World Trade Centers (have been) established, worldwide." The Malmo World Trade Centre is part of this world-wide network. " Västra Hamnen (West Habour) in Malmö has been transformed from an industrial area into an attractive district close to the sea. An increasing number of businesses have chosen to locate their offices in the area and the number of residents continues to increase. Today approximately 8 000 people work in Västra Hamnen and 4 500 homes have been constructed. There are also approximately 10 000 students in the area attending Malmö University"

The complex is made up of two buildings of five and ten floors and an intermediate building that connects them.  Approximately 50 companies have offices in the building, many of which have their regional, central or corporate offices here.  Among the larger tenants located in the World Trade Center Malmö are DNB, Aarhus-Karlshamn, Region Skåne, Ballingslöv International, WSP and SEB.

The architect's website says of the building that, "World Trade Center has been designed after extensive studies of the building's total energy balance.  ... Energy consumption is 75 kWh / square meter, which is 30 percent lower than the current requirements according to BBR (104 kWh / square meter) and is also lower than that required for Green Building. It has chosen to focus on four energy-saving measures - use of double glass facades in combination with other roofing materials, auto sunshade, demand-controlled lighting and movement-controlled ventilation with air cooling."  All of this whilst preserving the amazing views from the building out over the Oresund.