RHS Wisley Glasshouse - Wisley, UK


Date Built
Opened June 2007
RHS Wisley, Surrey
According to a report on the BBC website fron June of 2007 around the time of the opening of the new glasshouse at Wisley, this was not an architect designed structure.  The journalist, Sally Nancarrow, said, "It has taken two years to build after a £7.7m fund-raising appeal, covers an area the size of 10 tennis courts and will be officially opened by the Queen. But the new glasshouse at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) garden in Surrey is a giant flat-pack." "It isn't custom made but a conventional off-the-peg greenhouse - just manufactured to our requirements," said the garden's curator Jim Gardiner. "The cost of an architect-designed glasshouse would have been phenomenal."

The 12 metre high glasshouse is home to Wisleys collection of tender plants.  the glasshouse is divided into three computer-controlled climates - dry, moist temperate and tropical. It also feaures a large reddish-brown rock outcrop at the centre (actually concrete) with a 5m waterfall cascading over it.

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