Waverley Court, Edinburgh, Scotland

BDP - Building Design Partnership
Date Built
4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG
The Waverley Court Building is home to the City of Edinburgh's Council Headquarters.  The council website describes it as a landmark building which, "... demonstrates environmental excellence in all aspects of design and function with exceptional levels of accessibility. The building is organised as a series of office suites arranged around a landscaped courtyard and an internal atrium space. These office suites act like fingers of accommodation enveloped around the social activities of the building. The stepped massing of the building and terracing of the courtyard follows the profile of the Waverley Valley and allows views across the valley to Calton Hill. The building is predominantly open-plan in accordance with the Council's desire to provide a sociable working environment."

The £80m building was completed in 2007 and allowed the council to bring all of its customer service staff under one roof and ensured better access for the public.  The design was based on accommodating 1600 staff members.