Waterside - Paddington, London, UK

Richard Rogers Partnership
Date Built
1999 - 2004
Paddington Basin
The original plan for this development was for two L-shaped buildings.  In the end the design was adapted into one building with two triangular wings.  The two wings are joined by an entrance hall at ground level and by linked floor plates above.  An inlet from the adjacent canal fits into the two wings of the building spanned by a unique curling bridge designed by Heatherwick Studio.  The elegant footbridge retracts by curling up like a caterpillar into an octagon.  Below you can see it in the process of uncurling.

In 2011 the £56 million building is home to Marks and Spencer's Headquarters.  The Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners website says that the building provides, "Access to the offices .. via a central entrance on North Wharf Road, leading directly to the main reception area located approximately 1.5 metres above ground level. Internally, this allows the main entrance to connect the two full-height atria, affording access to the scenic lifts and both the east and west wings of offices above."

SAS International are world leaders in the design and manufacture of metal ceilings and they list this building among their projects.  They say that, "Cooceil Radiant Chilled Ceilings and passive chilled beams provide an ideal cooling solution in Marks and Spencer's new 13 storey HQ in Paddington Basin. The passive chilled beams combat the solar gain in this highly glazed building, while the Cooceil Radiant Chilled Ceilings provided comfort cooling to employees and visitors alike."

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