Water Club - Queen's Quay, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kirkor Architects
Date Built
Phase One 2003
Phase Two 2005
Phase Three 2005-6.
York Street and Queen's Quay
The Real Estate Company Remax describe the Water Club Development as, " ... more than a sensational new waterfront condominium ~ it’s a glorious way of life. Presiding over Queen’s Quay from the prime location between York and Simcoe Streets, Waterclub is a distinctive landmark of three gleaming glass towers, artfully designed so that every suite shares in the spectacular views of the lake and city skyline."

Phase One of the development is located at 8 York Street and comprises a 37-storey tower (far left in the image below).  Phase Two is another 37-storey tower (in the centre below).  The final phase is a 27-storey tower (far right below).

The project architect, Kirkor, say that this site, wedged between the Gardner and Queen's Quay West, with an existing eight storey car park, posed significan access problems for the development.  They also projected that potential buyers would want apartments with a lake view so their design resulted in more than 90% of the condos facing towards the lake.  The three towers sit on a podium that houses retail and garden apartments.  In all the complex contains over a thousand apartments.

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